We Broke Up


14.10.15 - New beginnings

Privet vsem! It's time to finally present my new projects. A let the past go :D

Hope We Broke Up was a good experience for all of you ;) game recieved a lot of good marks and I want to say thanks to all of you!

What about new games? First one is KATE - mobile time-killer where you will visit dark evil world. You will have to overjump obstacles and compete with players from all over the world.

Second one is If Only - indie-story about abusive love that will force you to make decisions. Will you let the past go? Play it (when it will be released) and you'll know ;)

04.10.15 - smth_else.

It's about new teaser for my new project. Please, watch it on YouTube and stay tuned.

01.10.15 - It works!

Gritings comrads!

I'm already finishing my new project and today it successfully launched on a smartphone! Stay tuned ;)

Visit my twitter page ;)

Wake Me Up When September Ends

21.09.15 - Game is updated!


Have very good news. According to your suggestions and remarks I made new version of We Broke Up!

Gameplay was updated and Highscores Table was excluded - now you can enjoy story in its full scale.

Here is old version of We Broke Up


Jaymes Young – Northern Lights

20.09.15 - Choosing logo for new project

It's Sunday and it's perfect time for choosing logo for my new project :D Follow this link and I will be very happy! And I won't break up with my girfriend!)

And here is cool russian song, enjoy)

12.09.15 - New stuff


Check my twitter page to see #ScreenshotSaturday from my new project!

07.09.15 - Interesting analytics

Hey, friends!

Game was launched more than 1000 times and I want to share some interesting analytics with you!)

35% of launches was started by 25-34 age category) to be honest it is not the target auditory but it is nice to realize )

Most of players from USA, On the second place is Russia.

At all, game was launched in 75 countries. My goal is 100!)

Full version of issue on indiedb.

05.09.15 - We Broke Up in Africa!

Hey! Happy to inform that We Broke Up appeared in Africa! We have 3 players in South Africa, 2 players in Algeria and 1 player from Morocco and Rwanda! Thank you!)

29.08.15 - Game release

Game is released and is fully available on this site and on the next resources:

Hope you'll enjoy it, guys! :) Also, visit game's Indie DB page :) Comment, share and smile :))